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What can I do with the evaluation version?

Everything - it is a full version of the VTS product.

What happens when the evaluation period runs out?

You will not be able to enter new time records, but you can still review and report on data entered during the evaluation.

Why don't you offer a money-back guarantee on the VTS product?

Because we believe a free 30 day evaluation is even better! You get to use the full product at no charge for 30 days. Only if you are completely satisfied with VTS and wish to continue to have full use of it do you need to buy it.

What if I have questions during the evaluation?

No problem, just contact us by email and we'll do our best to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.


What is a "user-name" licence?

A "user-name" licence is issued to a named individual or role e.g. "Mary Jones" or "Contractor_02".

Can a new user take up the license of someone who no longer needs theirs?

Yes, but only if the new user continues to use the licence under the same name or identifier. For example, if a company has a licence for "Jim Smith" and Jim leaves and is replaced by "Mary Jones", they need to purchase a new licence for Mary (she could keep using Jim's licence, but would have to do so under the user name "Jim Smith"). For positions where the actual person doing the job is expected to change frequently, it may be better to purchase a licence under the role name e.g. "Wife of Henry the VIII".

Why does Great Circle Software use "user-name" licensing?

User-name licensing is a simple and practical arrangement whereby we can supply high quality, low cost software and have reasonable assurance we will be paid for our product. Registered users receive all on-going upgrades and support at no additional charge, and everyone avoids the added software complexity needed to manage other licence models, costly annual support contracts, and cumbersome administration.

Can a licensed user run VTS on more than one computer?

Yes. A licensed user has a licence for the user name and can use it on more than one computer.


What forms of payment can I use?

We accept payment on-line through PayPal transactions. We are happy to provide a 30 day fixed price quote in the currency of your choice if you prefer to make payment by cheque or bank transfer. Registration details for the specified users are sent by email on receipt of payment.

Can I pay in my country's currency on Pay-Pal?

We currently accept Pay-Pal payments in US dollars, Euros, British pounds, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars and New Zealand dollars. Please contact us for a quote in currencies other than US dollars or if your preferred currency isn't on this list.

How do I get my license keys?

We create the keys for the user names you supply and email them to you, usually the next working day.

I made a spelling mistake in a user name - do I have to buy a new key?

No. Just email us the name (with incorrect and correct spellings clearly indicated) and we will issue a new key at no charge.

What is the pricing for multi-user licenses for VTS?

The following table indicates the cost per named user for different numbers of licenses (all prices are in US dollars and exclude GST for New Zealand customers). Note that we track the total number of user-names you are licensed for and apply the appropriate tier for new purchases:



Cost for each
User-name License (US$)





2 - 9



10 - 24



25 - 49



50 - 99



99 +

On application

Using VTS

Does VTS support multiple users?

Yes. The software can be configured for workgroups on the network to provide a central 'read-only' repository of client, project, category, and activity data. This gives a measure of consistency for recording and reporting across a group of users. Consolidated reporting is carried out on a centralised copy of each user's data (synchronised when they exit the application).

What limitations apply to the workgroup configuration?

System administrators must ensure each workgroup user has a unique user name, and users can only operate the software while connected to the network.

How do I configure VTS for multiple users?

We supply a utility to do the configuration for you. See here for more information

Can I create my own reports in VTS?

VTS comes with a number of standard printed reports - you can change filters for what data is included, but there is no facility to change the report layout or create new printed reports.
Electronic reports are more flexible: Printed report data can be saved in a tab-delimited form for use in an ad-hoc data analysis and reporting tool such as Microsoft Excel, and you can define your own formats for exporting electronic files from VTS.

What other limitations apply to the number of projects, clients, categories and activities?

There are no specific limitations, provided each entry is unique within its group (e.g. no two clients can have the same name, no two projects for the same client can have the same name). The number of projects, clients etc is only limited by available memory.

I get an error message from VTS that says I have 'missing task information'. What does this mean?

For reporting purposes every task must have a specified client, project, category and activity (remarks are optional). If the above error message is displayed, VTS has determined that required information is missing. This is not a normal condition and may indicate one or more VTS data files are damaged.
Go to the day(s) with missing task information and identify the affected tasks. Enter the missing data and try reporting again.

Technical Questions

What database does VTS use?

VTS's data is stored in text files in a sub-directory of the user's profile, on their machine. This 'low-tech' solution provides a truly non-invasive application that does not rely on database engines or existing database support.

How do I move my existing VTS data to a new computer?

Refer to the on-line help (click the blue question-mark icon on the main form and select "Getting Started". Then select "Advanced" from the help file's Contents tab, and "Restoring a Visual Time Sheet Application").

What computer resources does VTS require?

The application software's footprint on disk is currently about 2.5MB. Data files are additional to this - a very rough measure would be an average of 10KB per user per month (dependent entirely on the amount of time logged by each user and the number of discrete tasks that time involves).
VTS is not demanding of processor or memory. Good performance can be expected using a modern personal computer. Reporting performance in a multi-user deployment will be dependent on the speed of the network.

Does VTS create any registry settings?

VTS itself makes no use of the registry, although the installer VTS is deployed with uses it for uninstallation information.

Is VTS available for platforms other than Windows (e.g. Unix or for the Mac)?

Sorry, no. At this time only Windows is supported (Win98, NT, 2000, XP and Vista32/64).

What software language is VTS written in?

VTS is written in Borland Delphi. It uses Inno Setup for install/uninstall

Is the source code for VTS available?

Not to end-users (who license executable-only versions of the software). Parties wishing to license VTS source code for other purposes should contact Great Circle Software.

Support & Upgrades

What level of support is offered with the VTS product?

Great Circle Software endeavours to address all issues advised to us via email as soon as possible, although there is no specific service level agreement. Given the low cost of the product we cannot resolve platform specific issues that are not easily reproduced (although this has not been an issue for us in the past). The provision of a 30 day evaluation option is an important part of the product offering, to allow all potential purchasers to undertake their own assessment.

What if I have a problem with the VTS product?

Send an email to describing the problem, including any error messages that may have been displayed, and what steps you took before the problem occurred (we generally need to be able to reproduce problems before we can fix them).
It may be helpful to take a screen shot of error messages or the problem symptoms - the 'Print Screen' button on the keyboard places a screen shot on the Windows Clipboard where you can paste it into an email.

Do I have to pay for future versions of VTS?

No, future upgrades are available free of charge to licensed users.

What do I do if I want a new feature in VTS?

Send us an email describing the feature and we will provide feedback on whether it is already 'in the pipeline' or could be added to our new feature list.

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